Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sono un pilota

It's been a long time coming but has both thankfully and finally happened. I passed my private pilot check ride earlier today. It feels a bit anti-climactic to be honest. But the FAA examiner told me that is actually as it should be. Thankfully my flying was apparently quite good. I was told that too was "as it should be" with more than one hundred hours in the cockpit.

Truth be told, my first landing at KLKU was one of the finest I have ever made.

This entire process has been an amazing learning experience on so many levels. The ever nagging imperatives to study, prepare, and practice (while illuminating) have led to some unfortunate side effects. Isn't it odd how even doing things we love can sometimes become a chore? For the past several months there has been a persistent voice in my head always quick to remind, "You shouldn't ____ because you should be studying instead!" A frequent fill in for that blank has been posting on this blog.

It will be so wonderfully refreshing to continue learning without the looming imperatives. In the meantime you can call me "Captain Cool" because that is an accurate description of how I feel.

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